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@trevorcolden on πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ today- no really it’s 100 degrees but we still stacking. @grantyansyrup @heyfilmthis πŸ’
#tbt shooting this photo of @lachovski got me so stoked. Fs Flip New York 2014. #LeicaM @leicastorela

Anonymous said: Favorite lens to use? (Digi)

8-15 f/4 L

@hyenaface (James Brockman) sw 5-0 shot for @olloclip printed in @agendashow thanks for da pimp new lenses too 😘 #fisheye #telephoto #macro #polarizer
@frankieheck bs lip in Long Beach   Shot on #hasselblad500cm #30mm #portra160 @expeditionone @timcisilino πŸŽ₯

Anonymous said: how did you come up with your url?

lucky multi meaning idea that worked out in the long run i guess?

🐸’r sesh with @jacobmessex @trevorcolden @erickoston 🐸 filmed w/ @olloclip music provided by Sum41.com

@tommyfynn bs noseblunt printed for @stereoskateboards catalog
@frankieheck @timcisilino killed it tonight #nightshoot #nighthammers #hammers βœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ @expeditionone
Ground control to major Tom (@twistthewrist) blasts off wallie grab style. @expeditionone @wesc_usa @converse_cons @acetrucks @stancesocks @nickydiamonds